Auto2000 Karawang


Yaris Cross

Hits: 49All New Yaris Cross Energize & Activate Now   Beyond Exterior The adventurous soul with urban lifestyle fused into one delicate design. Seamless Electric Power Back Door with Kick Sensor (All S Type). Conveniently open and close the back door with only a swipe of your feet. Stunning 18″[…]


Toyota BZ4X

Hits: 5All New BZ4X Battery EV   Beyond Zero, Enlightens Every Go It’s Time For Everyone   Beyond Exterior Go Beyond Zero – Front Bumper and Spoiler Grille The Front Grille’s unique BEV design, aerodynamic performance by Front Bumper Spoiler. – Roof Spoiler Aerodynamic performance by Roof Spoiler. – Panoramic[…]


Kijang Innova Zenix HEV

Hits: 20All New Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid EV Cross Into The New Energy Beyond Exterior Cross Over to Energize Today – New Grille Ornament Modellista (Q HV & V HV Modellista Type) The vigorous design Front Grille is enhanced by the side & upper Modellista ornament (avalaible as TCO) that[…]


Kijang Innova Zenix

Hits: 11All New Kijang Innova Zenix Cross Into The New Energy Beyond Exterior Cross Over to Energize Today – New Crossover Front Looks (All Type) Expanse your delicate driving moment with the new Front Grille design where the LED Headlamp (All Type), DRL, & Foglamp (Q HV Type) made flawlessly[…]



Hits: 17All New AGYA Move With No Boundaries   All New Agya Variants   Beyond Exterior Style With No Boundaries Highlight Features LED Headlamp & Illumination Lamp. (All Types) 14″ Alloy Wheel. (G Type) Smart Entry System. (GR-S & G Types) Rear Combination Lamp with Inner Lens & Extension. (GR-S & G Types)  […]