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Land Cruiser

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All New Land Cruiser

King of The World

All New Land Cruiser Variants


Brutal Reinforcement Sensual Masterpiece

Wherever you may go, The All-New Land Cruiser is the perfect misfit that will lead you to the edge of the world. The divine appearance is forged with attention to detailed craftsmanship, bringing a formidable and luxurious masterpiece capable of facing the brutal terrain off the road yet attracting every eye with a delightful sensation to spread a glamorous on-road lifestyle.


Beyond Exterior

When the rigorous meet the marvelous

  • New Adaptive Headlamp Design (All Type)
  • New Grille Design (All Type)
  • New Front Bumper (All Type)
  • New Rear Bumper (All Type)


Beyond Interior

All new divine convenience.

All New Divine Convenience
From the delicate ornamentation and modern technology surrounding the cabin,The All-New Land Cruiser will provide you with more quietness inside the cabin as the world of unlimited pleasure will accompany your majestic journey ahead. (GR-S Type)

New Freedom In Space
Exceed all the obstacles in every ease on any road with the sporty and fierce look of The All-New Land Cruiser that comes with the combination of red and black color. (GR-S Type)

Embrace The Boundless Extravagance
A more capacious space of freedom awaits you with elegant materials and artistic ornamentation. The All-New Land Cruiser gives you adjustable seats for every passenger to enjoy the splendid service that will lead you to a beautiful experience. (VX-R Type)

New Expansive Luggage Room
Take your equipment more than ever before, as The All-New Land Cruiser provides you with a more capacity luggage room to place when you want to go or take it away. (All Type)


Beyond Safety

Toyota Safety Sense (TSS).

Pre-Collision System (PCS)
An integrated radar system that helps to reduce crash risk and damage in a frontal collision. (All Type)

Lane Departure Alert (LDA)
Support and assist the driver in avoiding unintended lane departure with visual and audible alert plus steering assist. (All Type)

Rear Camera Detection (RCD)
Supports and assists the driver in avoiding pedestrians by displaying pedestrian detection. (All Type)

Adaptive High-Beam System (AHS)
Automatically shift from high to low beam to help other drivers maintain safe driving. (All Type)

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control (RDCC)
Detects a preceding vehicle and follows within a safe distance, therefore reducing the fatigue of long driving. (All Type)


Beyond Performance

All new powertrain and transmission.

New Engine
The newly 6-cylinders turbo engine will improve acceleration and also brings fuel efficiency for the best driving experience that will make you always feel at ease. (All Type)

New Transmission
10-speed Direct shift-10AT brought various measures to minimize energy loss and elevate transmission efficiency. Gear tooth surfaces were processed using a new technique for a lower coefficient of friction when the gears engaged. (All Type)

New Transmission
The change gear shift comes with new design, from a gate or zigzag type to straight line models with the objective to convey a convenient driving experience. (All Type)

New Developed Front & Rear Suspension
Newly optimized suspension to give more balance when you are thriving through different terrains and roads. (All type)

New AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension)
The new suspension will help to reduce vehicle altitude vibrations due to rough roads and give you more quiet inside the cabin. (All Type)

Auto-MTS (Multi-Terrain Select)
The automated setting is adopted, allowing the system to control the set-up while optimizing the traction on slippery surfaces such as mud and loose rocks. The auto mode also achieves excellent ground covering performance without the driver changing the mode manually, according to the driving conditions. (All Type)


Beyond Connected

Live Connected.

Find My Car
Accurately know where the vehicle is parked to provide you feeling of safety and convenience. (All Type)

Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Know your vehicle location assisted by Toyota Call Center to provide you security all the time. (All Type)

Giving alert if your vehicle is outside the authorized zone to ensure your security at all times. (All Type)

Vehicle Info
Provide your vehicle’s condition and warning notification to give you more convenience while driving. (All Type)

E-Care (Maintenance)
A reminder to you for periodic vehicle maintenance to make your vehicle always in the best performance. (All Type)

Inquiry & Support Center
Direct assistance from Toyota Call Center to solve your problems. Give you more ability to keep moving forward. (All Type)

Trip Driving Update
Record all vehicle journeys include distance and duration to supoort your vehicle always at the outstanding performance. (All Type)

Road Assistance
Provide an SOS button if you got an accident, and will be assisted by Toyota Call Center to be directed to Emergency Road Assistant (ERA) provider to make you feel safer while driving. (All Type)


Beyond Convenient

The unrivaled convenience will always serve you.

Power Back Door with New Kick Sensor
Land Cruiser’s available power back door is ready to give you a helping hand whenever you need it. An automated convenience technology is designed for easy loading from the touch sensor to just sway off your feet. (VX-R Type)

New Rear Seat Entertainment
Enhance every passenger’s equal comfort with an 11.6-inch monitor and New Touch Screen function. The Unit also conveys an HDMI and Miracast connection for you to enjoy every step of the journey with flexible leisure. (All Type)

New Wireless Charger
Drive like no boundaries by staying connected while on the move with the notable wireless technology for mobile that assures Qi wireless charging. (All Type)

New Digital Video Recorder
Enjoy your adventure without hassle as the recorder will capture any significant occurence for various purposes, from incident recording to parking surveillance. (All Type)


Beyond Accessories

Toyota customization option. Show your style!

Bonnet Protector
Roam with no hesitation with Bonnet Protector that guards The All-New Land Cruiser againts any light damage from road debris. (All Type)

Rubber Floor-Mat
Preserve your majestic interior as the easy-to-clean Rubber Floor Mat is provided inside to greet your great journey everywhere in all weather. (All Type)


Colour All New Land Cruiser