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All New GR Corolla

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Stunningly Wild


Beyond Exterior All New GR Corolla

The fusion of sporty design and unyielding performance. *Unit specifications may differ

– Beyond The Edge of Sleek and Speed

– Striking Aerodynamic Looks
Elevate to a new level with our exciting exterior that redefines aerodynamics

– Radiant LED Headlamp with AHB
Illuminating your path with an unmatched radiance.

– Sturdy Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer (CFRP) Roof
Cutting-edge technology of lightweight and durable carbon fiber.

– Dazzling Wheel 18” AL Multispoke
Blast your stance with wheels that redefine the essence of automotive artistry.

– Luminous LED Rear Lamp & Rear Combination Lamp
Transforming your vehicle’s rear end into a spectacle of light.

– Exquisite Triple Pipe Exhaust System
Boosted power output that exudes captivating sound.


Beyond Interior All New GR Corolla

Prepare to be enveloped by an atmosphere of pure adrenaline. *Unit specifications may differ

– A Stunning Cockpit of Thrills with Clear Head Up Display & Effortless Wireless Charger

– Sleek Steering Switch with Vehicle Information System Control
Vital stats & navigation at your fingertips, with easy Audio Control and GR Leather Steering Wheel.

– Seamless 4WD Mode Switch
Ready to conquer any terrain with unwavering prowess.

– Premium 9” Audio with Smartphone Connectivity
Immerse your cabin in a tapestry of sonic excellence.

– Modern 12.3″ TFT GR Sport Meter
Transforms your vehicle’s cockpit into a symphony of style.

– Sport Seat with GR Logo
Comfortable leather and ultrasuede material, showcasing adjustments for supportive ergonomics.

– Digital Video Recorder (DVR)
Deploy a continuous road surveillance system with real-time video capture and transmission.


Beyond Safety All New GR Corolla

Safeguarded to Conquer The Road.

– Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – Lane Tracing Assist
Safely assists to keep the driver on track by providing light correction.

– Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – Lane Departure Alert
Keep the vehicle on the safe lane, thus making the driver confident and feel safe while driving.

– Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – Automatic High Beams
Safety lighting system that allows the range of the headlights to automatically adjust with the conditions.

– Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – Dynamic Radar Cruise Control
A system designed to help drivers maintain a safe distance and stay within the speed limit.

– Toyota Safety Sense 3.0 – Pre-Collision System
Early warning when there is a possibility of collision to perform braking or avoidance maneuvers.


Beyond Performance All New GR Corolla

Uncaged Roaring Performance.

– Powerful 3-Cylinder 1.6L Engine with Turbocharger
Every ounce of power finds its mark. Comes with the fortitude of 300 PS and 370 Nm maximum torque.

– Smooth GR-FOUR AWD System with Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
Optimized driving power and smooth traction control, equipped with three torque distribution settings to cater your versatility.

– Sporty Aerodynamics Design
Aerodynamically honed for blistering performance. Featuring improved engine and chassis cooling performance that reduce drag and optimize airflow.


Beyond Connected All New GR Corolla

An integrated solution that you can access through mTOYOTA application. Giving you comfort, providing peace of mind, and keeping you stay connected with your car. (All Types) *Accessed with mTOYOTA.

– Find My Car
Accurately know where your vehicle is parked, providing you with a sense of safety and convenience.

– Geofencing
Receive notifications when your vehicle exits/enters the predetermined area.

– Time Fencing
Receive notifications when your vehicle is in use (engine running) during the time period you have set.

– Vehicle Info
Provides information of the current condition of your vehicle to make you feel comfortable while driving.

– Stolen Vehicle Tracking
Track your stolen vehicle with Toyota Customer Care support to ensure safety at all times.

– Guest Driver Alert
Receive notifications when your vehicle exceeds the pre-set maximum limits (radius, engine speed, and idle time) during guest usage.

– Speed & Idle Alert
Receive notifications when the vehicle exceeds the speed limit or when the engine idling time surpasses the predetermined duration.

– Driving Report
Summarize your driving sessions by daily & monthly report.

– Emergency Road Assistance
Utilize SOS button in mTOYOTA when you have an accident and will be assisted by Toyota Customer Care to be directed to the Emergency Road Assistance (ERA) provider.

– Inquiry & Support Center
Receive direct assistance from the Toyota Customer Care to resolve your issues, ensuring the ability to keep moving forward.

– Safe Driving Reward
Drive safely to get the rewards* by reducing harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and harsh cornering**.
*Terms and Condition Applied
** Contact the nearest dealer for more detail


Beyond Accessories All New GR Corolla

Infuse your GR Corolla with a touch of your unique style with these distinctive customization options. *Unit specifications may differ

– Distinct Rear Bumper Spoiler & Sport Exhaust
*Toyota Customization Option availability may vary.

– Prominent GR Discharge Stickers
*Toyota Customization Option availability may vary.


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